A Visit to Mergui Archipelago (Myeik Archipelago)​

A Visit to Mergui Archipelago (Myeik Archipelago)​

Once it was a place where pirates hit and attacked trading boats, which where going for Myeik to  unload  their  cargo.  Since  1940  it  was  closed  to  the  outside  world,  because  of  the  defense strategy  of  Burmese  military  regime.  Since  1st  September  2015  it  is  officially  allowed  to operated  day tours  into the  Archipelago.  Tourist  still  need  to  arrange  this  with  a  licensed  tour operator who has to apply for permission only two days before departure.

Zone Fee
To  enter  the  Archipelago  arrangements  need  to  be  made  through  an  agency.  Royalty  fee  for the Mergui Archipelago contains harbour and service taxes as well as the permission costs.

Getting There
The  only  two  places  to  access  the  Mergui  Archipelago  are  Myeik  or  Kawthaung.  The  Northern Mergui  Archipelago  remains  uncharted  as  nearly  all  live  aboard  leave  from  the  south.  The Southern  Archipelago  has  seen  a  handful  of  tourists  for  the  last  20  years,  but  still  not  every island  has  been  visited.  From  800  bigger  islands  and  up  to  4000  islands  in  total,  there  is  still plenty to discover.

Places to stay in the Mergui Archipelago
The only accommodation in the Archipelago is the Myanmar Andaman Resort on Macleod Island and Victoria Cliff Resort on Nyaung Oo Phee Island.

Places of InterestLampi  Island  (Salet Galet) –  National  park
is  the  most  famous  island.  It  offers  a  wide range of flora and  fauna.  Monkeys, barking dear and  plenty of bird species can be spotted on the island  and  in surrounding  mangroves. Lampi’s beaches are unspoiled  and  have great  coral reefs for snorkeling.

High Rock
is  located  about  25  kilometers  from  Kawthaung  and  usually  one  of  the  first  stops for  diving.  It  is  a  very  small  rocky  island  without  beaches  and  only  one  tree.  The  dive  site  is superb  with visibilities over 15 meters on good day. There is a chance to spot nurse sharks in the crevasses and quite a lot of sea horses.

Tanintharyi Island (Tenasserim Kyun)
has long sand banks, which are inviting for a stroll. The  nearby  reefs  offer  a  great  snorkeling  possibility.  Bird  watchers  also  have  a  chance  to discover some rare species.

Dome Island (Daung Kyun)
is a huge island in the northern part of the archipelago and can be reached from Myeik within a day’s speed boat ride.

Life Seeing Tips

It is the last undiscovered place in South East Asia with unspoiled beaches, stunning landscapes and great visibility for underwater activities. Simple an explorer's dream.​

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