Victoria Cliff Hotel and Resort located in and area that is only a 10 to 25 minute dirve to every destination described below, including its  Domestic Airport.

Kawthong – Kawthaung

Kawthong – Kawthaung is the southernmost town in Myanmar, and one of the fastest growing in Thanintharyi Division. Among other Myanmar popular tourist destinations, Kawthaung becomes the most attractive for both local and foreign tourists in recent years, due to being the portal to many unspoiled, unexplored Islands in Mergui Archipelagos of the Andaman Sea.

Maliwan Waterfall

Situated near the Maliwan Village is a popular place to visit amongst the local people for every weekends throughout the year. It is 24 miles north of the town, and about half an hour’s drive from Kawthaung.

Hot Springs

The natural Hot Spring near Maliwan Waterfall is one of the most rejuvenating spot you shouldn’t miss.

Myoma Market

You can visit this local big market and surrounding areas for pearl jewelries, souvenirs, handicrafts and local delicacies.

555 Hill

If you are an amateur photographer, breathtaking scenery awaits you at 555 Hill for its attractive view of Kawthaung, such as the King BaYintNaung Statue, “Landscape of Kawthaung”, and the Victoria Cape at BaYintNaung Point


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